Whatever your dance, whether it be casual, Latin or strict tempo competition
level ballroom, you will always be delighted with our music. We know the
differences between a Latin and European Tango and the correct  tempo for
a slow waltz, a modern waltz, a country waltz, and a Viennese Waltz. For
competitions and dance studios, we carry a metronome for precision timing.
Fast Meringue, Samba or Cha Cha? - no problem. Slow bolero, Fox Trot or
Rumba - we have it down. Some bands play dance music to a respectable
level, but dancers who are trained in ballroom or Latin are aware and expect
flawless quality music that takes years of dedicated study and practice. We
have  played the finest ballroom dance music for hundreds of parties and
events including international dance shows in England's Blackpool Tower
which is probably the world's foremost exhibition arena for dancing.  
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