What is Mastering?  Do I need it?
One of the most frequently asked questions I have been asked is: what exactly is ‘Mastering’ and do I need it?

Mastering is the process of optimizing your recording for it’s final medium. Virtually all commercial releases
you hear today have been mastered. Mastering prepares your music for the best overall sound in it’s final
medium. Not only can you polish what is there, but in some cases you can correct problems that can only be
addressed in the mastering process.

The steps and tools used in mastering vary from project to project, but in general can include:

Noise reduction
Compression / Mutiband compression
Sidechain / Bandpass Compression
Level adjustments
Fade in/out
Track spacing
Track sequencing
Frequency enhancement
Reverb enhancement
... and more...

Mastering is like taking a painting, and then carefully applying varnish and setting it in a beautiful frame.   
There are some purists who believe the ‘raw’ painting - with no varnish, frame or enhancing lighting is closer
to the ‘truth’. And I suppose, in an academic sense, this could be true
. However, 99% of ALL recordings are
mastered because they sound better. People like Kenny Rogers, Mado
nna, Prince, Elton John etc. etc.         
would never dream of releasing a record without some form of mastering.

                            Should you have your project mastered ....  

       For more information about Mastering check out the link to 'High Fidelity Mastering',
                                 a state of the art mastering labs in Albuquerque New Mexico.
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