Entertainment Planner

We would be happy to meet with you and create a customized itinerary for your ceremony and/or for your
reception including all of the following and more:

Meet to discus appropriate music for service
Research special or unusual requests for specific music
Arrival time for service and inspection of instrument/s (piano/organ)
Check with principles the order for the ceremony and music
Make sure the minister is aware of any unusual items of protocol

Arrival for setup
Formal introductions of the wedding party and the newlyweds
Announcements for a prayer before dinner if required
Dinner announcements for order of buffet or serving order
Champagne Toast
Cake Cutting
Bouquet Toss
Garter Toss
First Dance
Dollar/Money Dance (Optional. This is a traditional dance where all the men dance with the bride for a
dollar or more and the women dance with the groom also for a dollar or more. This is done to help the
new couple with some money to begin their new life)
Father-Bride / Mother-Groom dances
Any additional dances and/or announcements you require

A typical wedding reception schedule…

Reception Day & Date_____________________
Location ________________________________
Time ________________ until_______________
Manager ________________________________
Reception Coordinator's Name________________
Bride’s Mom & Dad________________________
Groom’s Mom & Dad_______________________
Best Man________________________________
Maid / Matron of Honor______________________
How many guests are you expecting __________
Age Range ______________________________
General Music ____________________________

A. Time:_________________________________    Entrance music for guests
B. Time:_________________________________    soft music
C. Time:_________________________________    Grand Entrance: (We will play an appropriate song,
                                                                               and introduce your wedding party)

        Announcement of Bride and Groom - how would you like to be announced?
Others 1     ________________________________________________
Others 2    ________________________________________________
Others 3     ________________________________________________
Others 4    _________________________________________________

D. Time:_________________________________    Background Music
E. Time:_________________________________    Announcements  buffet/full service
F. Time:_________________________________    Dinner – Music for dinner
G. Time:_________________________________   Toasts - Who will do your toast/s
                                                                               Last Toast ___________________
H. Time:__________________________________  First dance

        Bride & Groom  song _________________________________
        Bride / Father Dance: song_____________________________
        Groom / Mother Dance:song____________________________
        Wedding party: song__________________________________
F. Time:__________________________________   Money Dance
J.  Time:__________________________________   Cutting the cake
K. Time:__________________________________    Bouquet Toss: (Invitation to all single and available
         women to come up to the front of the dance floor and line up behind the Bride.)
L. Time:__________________________________    Garter Toss:  (Invitation to all single and available
         men to come to the front of the dance floor and line up behind the Bride and Groom.

Traditional Party Dances you may like... - cross out any you
don't want played:
Macarena,  Chicken Dance,  YMCA,  Electric Slide,  Hokey Pokey,  Country Line Dances,  Conga Line,