Q: I have no musical experience but I have written a song and have an idea of how
it should go... what can I do? I live in another state.
A:  Send us the lyrics along with a tape or CD of you singing (the quality is irrelevant),
and tell us in what style you think your song belongs. We will do the rest.

Q: I have a drop frame video that needs to be converted to 24fps with time compression
but no pitch loss that has missing sympte frames.. can you help?
A:  Yes. (whew!)

Q: How much do you charge? Do you charge by the hour?
A:  We try very hard NOT to charge by the hour. We work out a cost for each project. For
example, a recording project for a country band consisting of 1 or 2 recording sessions
with 1 or 2 overdub sessions, mixing, editing, sweetening and cutting a master could start for
as little as $2000.00. A single entertainer with his\her own backing tracks would be less.

Q: I have a video of my wedding and I want to make the sound better, what can I do?
A:  You can add backing music, enhance the sound bites you wish to save and\or have
members of your family record narration or replace with new dialog (voice overs).

Q: We need music for our theatrical production but the costs of the music score and the
'royalties' for using it are exorbitant - never mind the cost of the musicians?
A:  We can compose and produce
original orchestral music with sound cue's, dramatic fills,
chase sequences, hit, points, effects etc... sometimes for less than leasing rights.

Q: Why don't you recommend making a  'demo'?
A:  Experience has taught us that demos are not a good way to produce music. The extra
cost to produce an album is insignificant compared to the loss of artistic growth and
credibility in producing a 'demo'. We cut 'singles' of course, and if you
really insist - we will
produce your demo, but it is better to produce three or four pieces of quality then half a
dozen 'snippits' for a demo.

Q: I want to produce an album with my own band, can you give me an idea of the cost to
make say... 1000 CDs from start to finish.
A:  You must take into a account printing costs and set-up. For a 'two-panel' CD cover with
Real Images doing all the type setup and art work and 1 or 2 recording sessions, the total
cost should be between $2,500 to $3,500 - that is around $2.50 to $3.50 per C
D. It is very
difficult to give a general price.

Q: What is the minimum order I can place?
A:  Depending on your package selection, the minimum order can be as low as 50 CDs.

Q: What is your turnaround time?
A:  After completion of the studio work and within 3 days of receipt of your order from the
production company, (payment, master and artwork) your project will be placed into production.  
Sometimes the record companies take as little as 10 days, sometimes 4 - 6 weeks (usually less).
(If time is of a concern, we can offer a 3 day production rush delivery service.)

Q: Must I have my project manufactured by you? When the master has been completed,
can't I deal with the record company and printers myself?
A:  Of course. We only charge between 5%-10% for overseeing and guiding the project
through to completion but if you want to oversee the process yourself that's fine.
We never keep masters.

Q: How do I pay for my order?
A: All orders are on a 50% pre-paid basis. Please understand we cannot begin recording
until we have received 50% payment. Although we record in different facilities, and can
come to your event or location,  we edit, overdub and mix in our studios in Albuquerque.
Before manufacturing CDs, we require the remaining balance. Any problems (there have been
none so far) that result in a loss of manufacturing your CDs, we will either try another record
company or refund 50% of your costs and provide two masters on DAT/CD.

Q: Who pays for shipping and what is the cost?
A: The customer pays for the shipping. Shipping charges are based on customer preferences
and the weight of the package. Ranging as low as $20 to $40 for ground service to upwards
of $100.00 or more for faster delivery

Q: What is 2-panel and 4-panel?
A. The easiest way to understand this is that each surface you see equals 1-panel. A
single sheet with printing on both sides would be considered a 2-panel insert. A '4 panel'
insert would be a single sheet with one fold - with printing on the 4 surfaces.

Q: What about type-set and a photograph for the front cover?
A: If you already have a photograph, we can scan it and typeset it for a nominal fee. If you plan
to have a new photograph taken, it is advisable to produce the highest quality film
and digital
media. For CD’s it is best to have a digital picture at NO LESS THAN 600DPI. We can provide
typesetting at little cost, (design with name etc.) to full artwork design, photography and layout
starting from $200.00 Please call for quotes.

Q: Can I do the artwork myself?
A: Yes. If you have a photograph or picture with typeset in place and it meets the 600dpi
requirements for printing. We will be happy to provide templates and measurements
for CD production.
Frequently Asked Questions