Recording Studio
Real Images is a digital recording  and production studio with the capability of producing music
for almost any project from voice overs to soundtracks for video. Over the years we have produced
hundreds of projects from original music for theatrical productions to albums for local artists. You
choose how much creative involvement you want for your project, from strict recording to co-writing.
Even if all you have is just an idea, we can write and arrange the music, provide the musicians, record,
mix and master the session, design the CD cover, liaison with the record company, oversee the quality
control, legal and unit production and ship your product - ready for sale. Real Images studios is a
project based studio designed to help you take your idea from inception to completion. Using
equipment of the highest standards including Pad audio cables and B&W speakers, you can be sure
of quality recordings every time.

Do you need original music for a special occasion or an event.  We can compose original music
sometimes for less than purchasing sheet music for an orchestra or leasing the backing tracks and
securing the costly mechanical rights.
We take a purist approach to recording using world class equipment and microphones. We have many
return clients who have produced and sold countless albums and we are always willing to help in the
creative process with your music. Real Images is proud to be associated with Hudsons Audio, a
prestigious audio store in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the owner Shawn Mills who takes a similar
approach to the purist recording and reproduction possible.