Tips & Tricks…

If you have never visited a recording studio before… (or even if you have)…

Practice! – Practice! – Practice!
You really can’t get enough. Time is limited and it’s difficult to be artistic if people are
not sure what notes to play, sing or where the chorus comes in.

Bring the charts! (music and/or lyrics)
Even if you know the music inside out – bring the charts. Very important!

Keyboard players – bring your manuals
It’s sad when you can’t do something because you forgot the manual.

Electronic maintenance
Make sure your plugs are clean and your wires don’t buzz. Worst culprits: guitar

Have an order in mind
Which tune you want 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc…

What is the project about?
Have a direction for your project. If you are primarily a country band? - perhaps the
jazzy piece at the end of the album may be ‘out of place’

Use the studio sounds and effects
If a tune could use some strings or extra percussion do not discard the idea because
your band has no violins or conga players. Don’t try to sound live.

Make an album – not a ‘demo’
Artists create beautiful finished works. Amateurs make demos – and you can’t sell a

Allow the producer to produce
Apart from the music, the session has to be produced a certain way. This is another
reason why practice before hand is essential.

Take breaks
It’s OK to take breaks – you will not lose money. You will if you don’t.

Keep chit-chat to a minimum
Although it is fun working in a studio, precious time can be lost with useless chit-chat.

Be open to suggestions:
The producer\engineer\studio musicians can assist you at any level you wish.

Top three complaints from producers:
1 They didn’t practice enough.
2 They didn’t bring the charts.
3 The guitar pickup/wire buzzed.
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