Always call the representative of the location of the wedding a week, two days, the day before the date
to make sure everything is OK.

Keep the name and the representative’s phone number with you, or give it to a family member the day
before the wedding. Try to get the person’s cell phone number as well. Also let us know who the
representative/manager is.

Your musicians or DJ. will have requirements for space and electricity  - when booking the room you
must be very explicit to request a specific area for your musicians if there is no stage.

Ask the manager if he/she will be present at the ceremony or reception, if not, then ask for the name
and phone numbers of the person who will be the manager and let us know.

Hotel/restaurant/resort managers always seem to be unaware of the needs of entertainers (electricity,
stage, lights, ingress, egress, table for breaks, dressing rooms). Make a point to tell your
representative that you have hired a band – with a lot of equipment – for your reception. Sometimes we
have to actually move tables for space or search for a working electrical outlet.


Having the right questions to ask when interviewing your potential entertainer/s is critical. Whether it be
the Disc Jockey, Pianist, Vocalist, Classical Ensemble, Live Music Band, or any other type of musical
entertainment. Although typically thought about last in the planning process, the entertainment is so
important for a successful reception. Here are some great questions along with the answers for

How long has the performer been in business?
Our answer: Over 30 years

What kind of contract do they require and is the a down payment?
Our answer: We can give you our standard contract if required. There is usually no down payment
unless it is a large occasion - over 250 people. A $150 down payment will secure your date.

How many weddings specifically have they performed?
Our answer: Over 50 weddings and dozens of anniversaries.

Isn't it true DJs have a larger repertoire and do you take requests?
Our answer: DJs do have a larger repertoire than any entertainer/s. However it would surprise you just
how many songs, styles and types of music we can play. - Well over a thousand tunes. Also, it has
been our experience that live music can deliver something special.

May we see some references or come to one of the shows?
Our answer: References are linked to the first page of this website all of which can be validated by
written letter and a calendar of events is also on this website

Certain entertainers also direct the activities of the event. Will they be doing this for you?
Our answer:: We will direct the activities as much or as little as you require.

Ask about times for setup?
Our answer:: Depending on the venue, usually between 1 to 2 hours.

Ask about a dress code?
Our answer: We dress according to the requirements of the occasion. If no dress code is specified, we
bring several outfits.

Should your event last longer than scheduled, will they stay? Extra charge?
Our answer: Of course, our goal is to provide you a wonderful evening. Extra charge can be negotiated.

What about cancellations?
Our answer: Please give us at least 2 weeks notice. We can then return your down payment if necessary.

What is required if the event is taking place outdoors?
Our answer: We have performed many outdoor shows. There are special requirements like a very
secure electrical feed/s, shelter from rain and others considerations. Please call.

Does the performer take breaks during the performance? If so, how long and will they be providing
music in the background during the break?
Our answer: We do provide backing music whilst on breaks. The usual times are 50 mins on stage, 10
mins off but will be tailored for the evening.

Is there a downpayment?
Our answer: We ask for a $150.00 down payment to secure the date.

How is the payment to be made - before, after and to whom?
Our answer: We usually require payment on the evening of the performance. Arrangements can be
made if this is not practical.