For many of you this may be the first time you need to hire live entertainment for an event. Your Wedding Day is one of the most
important days of your life and choosing the right band or DJ can make it one of the most memorable days that will be cherished

The first step in choosing the entertainment for your reception should be a decision between live music, a DJ, or a mixture of both.
Live music has the advantage of spontaneity, excitement and a presence that just cannot be emulated by a DJ. Alternatively, a live
band is limited on the number of songs they perform where a DJ may offer thousands of tunes and styles. We are more than happy
to recommend a DJ or work with yours.
Fees are across the board and range from $500 up to $2000 and beyond.

During wedding planning, brides say entertainment for the reception was
among the least of their priorities and within one week after their reception,
78% of brides say they would have made the entertainment their highest
priority! (from the magazine Bride)
When asked 81% of guests say, the thing they remember most about a
wedding was the entertainment (from the American DJ Organization).

We are happy to meet with the wedding planner/s  before the wedding to
discuss the music, the announcements, and procedures. Please check out
the planner and tips in the links for more ideas and suggestions.
If you are looking for an experienced, professional videographer for your
wedding click on the link to 'Video Works' on the sidebar.
CONGRATULATIONS, you've come to the right place...
The most requested ceremonial music for the bride to walk down the isle is the 'Bridal Chorus' by Richard Wagner,
commonly know as 'Here Comes The Bride' and Felix Mendelssohn's 'Wedding March'. Traditionally the Wagner is
used for the processional and the Mendelssohn for the recessional but nothing is cast in stone. Another favourite
alternative processional is the Pachabel cannon. All three samples available in the side bar are live recordings of
weddings where I have played for the ceremony in church.